4 November 2011

Why the blog?

Photography equipment is not cheap, certainly not if you are looking for performance as well as features. Hence, I have had the honor of playing consultant to quite a few photography enthusiasts and aspirants during their first camera purchase. Having tried to understand their needs and ambitions, I have always tried to arrive upon a decision that suits them in the short run as well as in the near future, till they can make that decision for themselves. My experiences as an amateur consultant for friends' camera worries have inspired me into penning down my thought process in the form of this post.

Social networking has fueled an interest in photography and photography technicals in an unimaginable way. We all like putting up pictures of our friends, family, pets, possessions and travels up for our friends to see. In fact, this may be one of the reasons behind your inclination towards buying a camera and you might not have realized it by now. This  explosion in the camera user-base has lead to a great deal of exchange of ideas and techniques, mostly on social platforms like blogs, social networking sites, etc.

That reminds me of an amusing but important incident. I once put up a post on a social medium, asking my friends how they would utilize their time if they were guaranteed a comfortable source of income for free for let's say, 6 months. I was surprised that the most common response to that question was - "travel. click. upload." :) Therein lay the foundation of my belief - that not every camera wielding "enthusiast" knows what he is holding on to and what he can do with it, and hence, falls short of reaching his potential. Having said that, I have seen my share of such enthusiasts taking the art seriously and contributing to my knowledge of this greatly satiating, satisfying and enlightening form of expression.

For many years, I was confused about the "right camera for my needs/aspirations" simply because, I did not know what my needs were! Did I want to take it up professionally? Did I want to impress the onlooker who should go gaga over the particular camera I am wielding? Did I want to take it up as a stress buster or a hobby? I am still trying to figure that out but I do believe that I have made the right choice for the equipment at every stage of progression. And that gives me the confidence to suggest the equipment for my friends' needs. 

Most of the photography articles/blogs that I come across leave me with a lot of unanswered questions. This led me to believe that I can consolidate my findings, couple them with my own experience in the field into a concise blog. If you have any questions regarding an article in my blog, please do send your feedback so that I can improve the blog and make it more intelligible.

Happy reading & clicking!

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